AWS Privilege Escalation using add user to group.

Posted on Tue 29 October 2019 in cloud-security • Tagged with aws pentest, aws privilege escalation, awscli privilege, aws security

The blogpost covers privelege escalation for an aws token recieved using add user to group privilege.

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Integrating Baseline Security Needs into your Company.

Posted on Sat 12 October 2019 in devsecops • Tagged with devsecops, security in ci/cd, development pipeline security, baseline security for companies, cloud security

Highlights the needs of baseline security in a startup with a single security engineer hired and areas where importance is deserved.

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Blog Setup using Gitlab Pages and Pelican

Posted on Mon 03 September 2018 in Development • Tagged with Gitlab pages, development, gitlab pages custom domain

Walkthrough of my current blog architecture.

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JS Security Notes

Posted on Sat 12 May 2018 in js-security, notes

Refersher of JS Security - I learned overwhile. Contains basic information on how browser works along with javascript and implementation of security within the browser with respect to JS.

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Vulnerable Application wrapper for AWS Lambda

Posted on Thu 21 December 2017 in Pentesting • Tagged with AWS, AWS Lambda Vulnerable Application, Pentesting AWS Lambda, AWS Lambda

AWS lambda is a serverless platform for deploying your applications.It makes use of the use and throw functionality, where it creates a sandbox and then destroys it once it is done.

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